Centrifugal Electric Pumps

ThD - T "IN-LINE" Twin Centrifugal Electric Pumps


Technical data

  • Portata: from 2,4 to 90 m³/ora
  • Head: up to 16 m
  • Liquid temperature: up to 120 °C
  • Operating pressure: up to 25 bar.
ThD - T
ThD - T


FICEM ThD-T series electric pumps are single stage pumps with direct coupling and “in-line” intake and delivery openings of equal diameter. The electric pumps are equipped with two three-phase asynchronous electric motors (single phase up to 2.2 kW), with external fan cooling, IP55 rating, class F insulation, 2RS oversized, self-lubricating ball bearings. The pump shaft is connected to the motor directly, without joints, reducing vibration to a minimum.

FICEM electric pumps for heating and air-conditioning plants are available as individual (PTh-T) and twin (TH-T) models. The whole range is available with flanged connections for quick coupling to the system piping, preventing any dripping or leaking of liquids.

The electric pumps use an unbalanced mechanical seal, supplied by a leading Italian manufacturer.

The electric pumps have a removable motor so it is therefore possible to take out the motor/spindle/impeller for maintenance and/or repair purposes, without having to separate the pump body from the piping.

The twin electric pumps have been designed with two parallel pump units. A rubber check valve is included on the pump body, positioned on the outlet vent, and prevents the pumped liquid flowing back into the adjacent pump body; this device is automatic, noise free and does not require maintenance.

Materials (standard version)



Pump body
Pump shaft
Motor/pump spindle
Mechanical seal

Cast iron EN-GJL-250
Cast iron EN-GJL-250 // Bronze CuSn5Zn5Pb
Stainless steel AISI 413
Cast iron EN-GJL-250
Carbon/Silicon carbide/EPDM

Mechanical Seal

Two types of unbalanced mechanical seal are available:

Type 3
The type 3 mechanical seal is an inexpensive, highperforming seal, with interchangeable components.
The standard Ceramic/Carbon pairing gives this type of mechanical seal a wide variety of uses, even with impure liquids.
The possibility to replace the wear rings minimises maintenance costs.
The metal components are made of stainless steel.

Type 5
The main characteristic of this mechanical seal is the ability to mount any type of elastomer. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for heavy-duty uses such as the offsetting or misalignment of the structure in which it is used.

Mechanical seal specifications


Type 3

Type 5

Metal part
Fixed part
Rotating part

da Ø10 a Ø40
Stainless steel
Silicon carbide

da Ø10 a Ø80
Stainless steel or superalloy with anti-corrosion property
Metallised carbon
Alumina ceramic

Specific mechanical seals are available for liquids containing suspended abrasive particles.


The whole range of FICEM electric pumps is available with flanged connections and is equipped as standard with sets of nuts, bolts and gaskets and PN6/10 threaded and/or weld-on counter flanges on request.


In order to adjust performance on the basis of requirements, it is possible to use the ThD-T series electric pumps, connecting them to control systems which provide continuous performance adjustments based on needs.

Product features and advantages

“In-Line” Manufacturing
FICEM ThD-T series electric pumps differ from the other electric pumps with radial openings which we manufacture and allow the use of straight piping, considerably reducing installation costs.

Optimised hydraulics
The geometry of the impellers and the pump bodies guarantees high levels of efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Highly efficient motors
The whole electric pumps production range uses excellent quality electric motors with the EFF2 class of efficiency. Motors with class 2 efficiency (EFF2) guarantee reduced energy consumptions.

Ease of maintenance
If it is necessary to take the pump apart, it is extremely easy to take out the motor body, without having to disconnect the pump body from the piping. FICEM electric pump impellers are equipped with special threaded holes in order to facilitate their removal from the relative shafts.

Anti-corrosion treatment and final painting
All the components which come into contact with fluids in FICEM electric pumps are treated with a special corrosion inhibitor:

  • Pickling and alkaline cleaning of the components
  • Zinc phosphate primer
  • Two coats of epoxy paint (120µ)
  • Oven drying at 250 C°

On request, paints suitable for use in the naval and iron and steel sectors can be used.