Electric motors

FICEM electric motors belong to the “EFF 2” class of efficiency.

TV series electric motors are made of aluminium alloy from size 56 to size 132 and cast iron from size 160 to size 355. Cast iron motors can be supplied for smaller sizes on request.

The motors are IP55 rated and, on request, they can be supplied with higher protection ratings according to machine use. The terminal box is located at the top for the standard motors. On request, is it possible to supply electric motors with the terminal box located on the left- or right-hand side.

FICEM electric motors can be wound up to a delta voltage of 600V with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.
The voltage tolerance range is +/- 10%. The standard voltages for the electric motors are as follows: V400 HZ50. V415 HZ50. V440 HZ60. V460 HZ60 V480 HZ60.

In general, the electric motors are wound to suit V230/400 up to the power of 3kW; from 3kW up to 22kW, both V230/400 and V400/690 electric motors are available; from 22kW upwards, the range includes V400/690 electric motors only.

TV series electric motors have a class F insulation rating. On request, electric motors with class H winding can be supplied. Each winding is impregnated with thermosetting paints and is protected against humidity.
The power levels are suitable for continuous S1 service at rated voltage and frequency, at an altitude of 1000 m and an ambient temperature of 40°C.

TV series electric motors have an extremely low level of vibration, thanks to the balancing precision of the rotors and the cooling fans.


TV series electric motors have been designed and manufactured to guarantee very low overheating, high levels of efficiency and a long, economical working life.

Noise levels (sound pressure at the distance of 1 metre) comply with regulations in force and are generally under 50 Db for the mediumsized motors and under 55 Db for the larger-sized models.

The cooling fans are made of thermoplastic material up to size 250. An aluminium fan is used for larger sizes.

TV series electric motors are equipped with bearings produced by the main manufacturers such as FAG, SKF, N5K and ROLLWAY.

The grease guns for the forced lubrication of the bearings on the command side and the opposite side are incorporated from size 160 upwards. On request, they can also be supplied for smaller-sized motors. If required, please contact our Technical Office.

It is possible to supply TV series electric motors with a forced ventilation system for operation with an inverter.

On request, it is possible install thermostatic protection devices such as thermistors, bimetallic protection or anti-condensation heating elements whose free ends are in the terminal box.

For any component which is not listed, such as 2- or 3-pole windings, special flanges, double shaft ends or custom-made shaft extensions or for the application of stainless steel rain canopies, please contact our Technical Office.